Dear Business Owner…

You’ve got products to sell and a business to run – and to succeed in today’s market you need websites, video, copy and graphic design.

Problem is, hiring creative types like designers and videographers who don’t understand the “rules” of direct response marketing can drain your bank account and waste your time.

You’ll pay a fortune for gorgeous websites and high-quality video that fail to turn visitors into buyers.

Plus, to maximize profits you ALSO need split testing, analytics, ecommerce and CRM systems (like Infusion, 1ShoppingCart, Aweber, Constant Contact, etc) setup and maintained.


You can find your own  group of freelance designers, web programmers, copywriters & video producers – then spend your time managing them, making sure they do their job right and hoping they deliver what you need.

All of which takes you away from your most profitable activity of driving traffic to offers.

Or you can let my agency, Creative Results Media, produce the marketing campaigns you need to increase sales – hassle free.

My name is Kory Basaraba.

For the last few years I’ve been doing “under the radar” creative work like graphic design, copy, video production and website development for a select group of direct response marketers.

The reaction I get from my clients after they hire me is a huge sigh of relief because their projects get done on time, get results, and they are working with someone who understands our world of direct response.

An Unusual “Romance” With Direct Response

I love direct response marketing.

(I sell my own products online in the golf and dog training niches and manage product launches for other marketers).

As a copywriter, my last salesletter (combined with smart strategy) converted at 8% for a $200 product.


In a past life I managed 6 figure technology projects for fortune 500 companies.

In the last 15 years I’ve been hands-on, in the trenches with every aspect of profitable DM campaigns (online and offline).

Turns out my strange basket of marketing, design and project management skills is PERFECT for helping business owners increase sales by providing them with the design, copy, websites and technology required to sell products on the internet.

When you combine my direct marketing and creative background with the  skilled team of copywriters, graphic designers, web geeks I’ve assembled… you have a unique one-stop direct response agency custom tailored to help marketers make more money in their business.

If this sounds like a good fit for your situation, lets talk.

I only work with a few clients at a time (My team is small and we prefer building long-term relationships than jumping from client to client) but I’m always open to new opportunities.

You can also check out a sample of my work on this site.

Best regards,

Kory Basaraba
Creative Results Media, LLC