Internet Marketing

Landing pages, Salesletters, Product Launches, Email Campaigns…

We specialize in internet marketing.

Our campaigns have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services online.

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Product Launch: Hypnotherapy DVD Course

We created a series of educational pre-launch videos to get their list excited and anticipating the release of this new product.

This product launch earned well over 6 figures for our client – Street Hypnosis.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Product launch management
  • Video production
  • Copywriting
  • Web development (membership site, launch site)

Launch: Dream Achiever Program

We managed the launch of a new personal development coaching program for client Stuart Lichtman.

The product is called the Dream Achiever Program and we sold 6 figures worth of programs in 7 days.

This was a rare occasion when Kory appeared in front of the camera to support a client project.

Services provided
  • Video production
  • Website design
  • Launch Strategy & management
  • Copywriting

Internet Marketing: Golf Swing Control

We produced and marketed this Golf Instructional video course for Ultimate Golf System, LLC.

In 10 months sales went from zero to $600,000.

  • Video production
  • Copywriting
  • JV management
  • Website design

Product Launch: Joe Vitale “Zero Limits Online”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Author and Law of Attraction superstar Joe Vitale on several occasions.

On this project our goal was to turn an existing DVD set into an online video training course.

This is an example of taking a dormant asset and revitalizing it – turning it into a consistent flow of revenue.

Result: Sold 6 figures worth of product in 7 days.

Role: Product development, video editing, website design, copywriting and managing the product launch.


Internet Marketing: Dog Training Videos for TV Celebrity Brad Pattison

Brad Pattison is a celebrity dog trainer with a TV show seen in over 30 countries.

He’s a busy guy with lots of ideas for new training programs, and needed to find a company he could trust to “run” with marketing programs for his dog training videos.

We converted his DVD’s to an online course, setup an ecommerce and affiliate system, established a newsletter and new customer database and launched his product.

After identifying huge demand for “puppy” related training, we recently worked with Brad to produce and market a new puppy training video program.

Book Launch: Joe Vitale –

Joe Vitale was celebrating the release of his new book “The Awakening Course” and wanted to promote it with a special “book launch”

Joe has written  more than 50 books, and he wanted this one to grab some serious attention.

I worked with Joe to build this site and coordinate the launch. We organized collection of bonsues from several of his friends and business partners. As a result, everyone who purchased the book through this website received $1,869 in free gifts.